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Site Preparation – Bandon, OR – Sept, 2020

This year South Coast Garden Starters and B& B Brush Services led by Ben Hytrek prepped some land for a possible septic and living site. Prior to beginning, the land was covered with Huckleberries and with a number of trees and other shrubs. Using brush hogs and a chipper along with chainsaws and other tools, we made a wide clearing that pleased the client. It took us part of 3 days. We worked with Coos Fire Patrol to make sure we were only using equipment when it was safe to do so. We were prepared with fire equipment should anything go wrong. Fortunately, the work went smoothly and the local Ace Hardware and the Gas station provided what we lacked. Ray’s Sentry was a great place to buy breakfast and drinks to keep us hydrated. It was my first job through home advisor and gave me a good first experience.