Grant Wartnik in the garden

A Great Year to Plant a Garden

In recent memory, there has not been such a severe shock to our Economy, Supply Chains and Health as we are currently facing. Though the Sub-Prime collapse put major stress on our country and the world. Covid-19 is new, and it appears that it will be the catalyst for major changes in our economy that will probably dwarf the effects of the last recession. There hasn’t been a time since shortly after World War II in our country where growing your own food has been as important.

I started South Coast Garden Starters LLC in 2014 as it became apparent that our systems could be stressed in an emergency. This year is where we will be tested, and it is our desire to help you. The time is late to prepare, but there is still time to take action to feed your family this year. We look forward to hearing from you about ways that we can help you in this time of change.

We can help you in a number of ways to build systems for feeding your family. We can build raised beds for clients and will also offer rote-tilling and sheet mulching. Additionally we can deliver soil amendments to your home or garden location.

Please, use our contact form or call me at 541-297-1252 to get started.